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Chartplotter and GPS Navigation Software

OpenCPN is a free software (GPLv3) project to create a concise chartplotter and navigation software for use as an underway or planning tool. OpenCPN is developed by a team of active sailors using real world conditions for program testing and refinement.

The most recent stable version, OpenCPN 4.2.0, was published on Feb 3th. 2016 and can be downloaded from


  • Worldwide, standard, S57 and encrypted S63 vector chart support.
  • IHO S52 compliant display of S57 and S63 vector charts.
  • BSB v3, and earlier, raster chart support.
  • "BSB4" and "nv-chart" support through plugins.
  • CM93 vector chart support, with per cell offset corrections.
  • OpenGL support for enhanced performance on modern hardware.
  • Single-chart and Quilted display modes.
  • North-up, Course-up and Chart-up display modes.
  • Moving-map display mode.
  • Route navigation with ship tracking functions.
  • Waypoint navigation.
  • Dashboard, for configurable on-screen display of ship's NMEA data.
  • NMEA 0183 GPS interface at selectable baud rate.
  • Advance NMEA message handling structure, with built in multiplexer.
  • Autopilot output support.
  • AIS input with full target tracking and collision alerting.
  • AIS support for SART with selectable MMSI for automatic MOB handling.
  • AIS support for DSC and GPSGate Buddies.
  • Anchor watch/alarm functions.
  • GRIB file input and display for weather forecasting.
  • GPX Waypoint, Track and Route input and output file support.
  • Tide and Current prediction and display by location.
  • Route planning with tidal support.
  • Builtin great-circle routing.
  • Integrated weather routing through qtVlm or separate plugin
  • GPX Layers for annotation of charts.
  • A selection of display themes.
  • A growing number of plugins. Climatology, Weather Routing, WeatherFax, Google Earth, World Magnetic Variation, Voyage Data Recorder, AIS -radar, SAR and a LogBook, plus many more.
  • Multi-language support. 20+ languages supported.
  * Windows XP SP3 , Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  * Linux, BSD, Solaris
  * Apple Macintosh OS X


GPS - you need a GPS function. There are several low cost USB dongle and Bluetooth GPS modules available which are suitable for use with your PC or Mac. See list.

Make sure your GPS is set to output positions using the WGS 84 Geodetic Datum. This is less of an issue nowadays, compared to, say 10 - 15 years ago. Some units can't be changed, and is permanently set to WGS 84. The BU-353 is one of those.

(Webmaster comments: I have, and have used, both a USB/dongle and a Bluetooth GPS modules with OpenCPN; read on....

 UD-731 GPSGPS USB module UtiTraQ UD-731 - a compact all-in-one GPS receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate satellite positioning data. Its 44 parallel channels and 20000+ correlators provide fast satellite signal acquisition and short start-up time. Acquisition sensitivity of -155dBm and tracking sensitivity of -158 dBm offer good performance even under difficult environments. Purchased a few years ago from for approximately $15); and,

 BT-771 GPSa Bluetooth module eBon eGPS-6500 (Also sold as Model BT-771). The GPS Receiver is Bluetooth v1.2 compliant, accurate, sensitive and features 65 channels. It is accurate within 10 meters (33 ft.)! The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 24 hours of use when fully charged and its compact design is convenient to carry anywhere. General Features: Skytraq chipset Receiver Type: 65 channels; Re-acquisition sensitivity: - 157 dBm; Tracking Sensitivity: - 160 dBm; Cold Start Sensitivity: - 147 dBm; Receiver Frequency: 1575.42 MHz; Support V1.2 SPP Profile with operating range 10-15 meters (32 to 49.21 feet); Cold Start: < 29 sec; Accuracy: 2.5m CEP SBAS; (WAAS / EGNOS) capable; Support most NMEA 0183 v3.0 at 4800 up to 115200 dps baud rate; Easy-to-Use; Three LED light; Charging Time: 4 hours, 24 Hours support after full charge; Low Power Consumption. I have found this GPS module to be a phenomenal performer; take it inside, put it in your pocket, in the basement - keeps on ticking. Purchased a few years ago from for approximately $25)

BU-353OpenCPN suggestions

GPS Module - the BU-353 Waterproof USB GPS Receiver ( currently $35) ready to use with GPSNavX & MacENC The WAAS enabled BU-353 GPS Receiver can be utilized in a variety of applications that may require a magnetic mounting with a waterproof configuration. With non-slip on the base and its compact design, the BU-353 is completely self-contained and waterproof. It incorporates the latest SiRF Star III 20 Channel GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive the highest degree of GPS accuracy. LED indicator blinks when position fixed. The extended 5 feet long cable allows for easy routing behind headliners and side panels to terminate at a USB connector for interfacing with your PC or Mac. Data Sheet.

Review of OpenCPN Navigational Software.

USCG website featuring OpenCPN Navigational Software.

Charts - you need them FREE!!!

Raster Navigational Charts: NOAA RNC®

NOAA Raster Navigational Charts (NOAA RNC®) are full-color digital images of NOAA's entire suite of paper charts. NOAA RNCs are available for free download. NOAA provides weekly updates to the RNCs, which are available for free on this site in the BSB format. NOAA RNC® files are official data that can be used in many types of electronic charting systems, including Raster Chart Display Systems (RCDS) and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

Click Here to Download NOAA Raster Navigational Charts.

Electronic Navigational Charts: NOAA ENC®

NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts (NOAA ENC®) are vector data sets that represent NOAA's newest and most powerful electronic charting product. NOAA ENCs conform with the International Hydrographic Office (IHO) S-57 international exchange format, comply with the IHO ENC Product Specification, and are provided with incremental updates that supply Notice to Mariners corrections and other critical changes. NOAA ENCs and updates are available for free download. NOAA ENC data may be used to fuel Electronic Chart and Display Information Systems (ECDIS).

Click Here to Download NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts.

Webmaster's comments - I downloaded the complete Florida charting zip package of both the RNC's and ENC's and linked the top folder of each to OpenCPN per their directions. OpenCPN automatically opens all loaded versions of overlapping charts for your Ownboat location and seemless stiches same-scale charts.

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